Posted on Aug. 8, 2001
“In the week since I got my HT210, I've used it at a rehearsal, on a recording session and on a gig playing a wedding reception in a large ballroom. The performance of this cabinet has been outstanding. The sound is clean and true and it's got a much bigger sound than you would expect given the compact size of the cabinet. I've been able to run the EQ of both amps that I've used (an Eden WT-400 and an Alembic F-1X driving an SWR ST-800) practically flat. I don't have to use the EQ to compensate for how somebody else thinks my bass should sound. The Bergantino lets the natural tone of my basses come through. It is a very articulate cabinet. And, it's the first cabinet I've ever played where you don't hear the horn as a separate and distinct entity from the drivers. It is a wonderfully integrated sound. Without a doubt, this is the best sounding cabinet that I've ever heard. Thanks,Jim.”

Tony K. - Wilmingon, DE

Posted on Aug. 8, 2001
“After playing a rig of Trace Elliott 2/10s and 1/15 (both of which had a tweeter) for 10 years I vowed my next rig would definitily not have tweeters. I was wrong as I just bought the Bergantino 210 and 115 and couldn't be happier. The tweeter/horn system is far superior to any I've heard before. Powering them through an Aguilar DB 680 and DB 728, with a Warwick Thumb and Dolphin, I believe I've found the ultimate rig. I'm psyched to have encountered these kick ass cabs. Well Done, cheers.”

Brian Battles
Plymouth, MA.     •

“P.S. Some really heavy duty cases would be nice as I plan on having these for a long time. If anyone can recommend a company I'd greatly appreciate it.”

Posted on Aug. 27, 2001
“Best cabs on the planet! Period. I will give them less than a year and everyone will be using them.”


Posted on Aug. 27, 2001
“Move over SWR + EDEN, make way for the "best sounding cabs" ever!!! 3 X 10" w/tweeter, and the 1 X 12" w/ tweeter blew me and my Tobias + Kubicki away... we are all happier now knowing there is a high quality, great sounding, and damn good looking speaker cab / company out there. THANKS!”


Posted on Aug. 31, 2001
“Absolutely loving your cabs; the 1-15 is everything you described and more! Believe it or not, I've ended up using it for all my smaller jazz gigs - it's so warm and fat, yet very tight and articulate. And in combination with your! A compact, killer rig. Overall, a distinctly noticeable difference from everything else I've used. I am very, very glad I met you!!!”

Tom G.

Posted on Oct. 3, 2001
“Im a lonely session player out in LA who only gets gigs because he now own's a nice pair of Jim's fine speaker cabs a 3x10 and 2x12 that along with my Ashdown or my 69 SVT with a Tyler 6, Mike Lull 5 , 62p, Pedulla fretless 6, and 66 Tele bass and uprite and Taylor acoustic. I now sound like a real player. from the stadium, church or the LA bar my Bergantino's ALWAYS sound good. So now that I sound good all I need to do is learn how to play :) Thanks for making me sound so good Jim. God bless”

Luke Agajanian

Posted on Oct. 5, 2001
“It's so nice having a 3x10 thats kicks the crap out of my big, heavy, hard to move 8x10. My 3x10 is louder AND sounds ten times better. What else is there to say for a rocker who swore never to play another cab but an 8x10. I have now eaten my words and saved my back.”

Props Jim

Posted on Oct. 23, 2001
“Hi Jim,
I played thru your 3-10 cabinet last Saturday at Norman Music. The sound was incredible, like I was playing thru an ultra high-end home audiophile speaker! Very amazing sound. I can't wait to try my upright bass thru your 2-12 cabinet!”

Best Regards, Tex Waggoner
OttoMatic Records/Blue Combo     •
Tulsa, OK

Posted on Oct. 24, 2001
“Got a taste of something Mr. Bergantino is brewing up in a small Massachusettes shop today. Man it sounded goooooooood.”

Posted on Oct. 29, 2001
“Jim, they are great cabinets but I have already told you that. To anyone considering one, go ahead and buy it. My setup now is the best I have ever had, I have been thru many others and these are indeed the best on the market.”


Posted on Oct. 31, 2001
I just purchased the Bergantino 3x10 cabinet....after months of testing out 4x10 cabinets, your 3x10 cabinet was hands down the best sounding cabinet available. I paid a little more for it, but it was well worth it.”

Thanks, Dave

Posted on Nov. 10, 2001
“I just ordered a third 1x12" - the guys on the other side of the stage asked me to run one for them. Also used a 1-12 in the studio this week with my 5 string acoustic upright. The cab handled the low B string (lots of low B's,C's & D's) so well that the engineer miked the cab as well as the bass - the sound of the cab soloed was rich, warm, airy and detailed - you would not expect a cab rated down to 48Hz to perform like this. Plus I already told Jim his 3x10 is like really good chocolate cake!”

Steve York

Posted on Dec. 12, 2001
“Bergantino cabs are simply the best performing/sounding cabs you can buy. The cash I got from the sale of my SWR 610 stayed in my pocket for all of 15 minutes. I bought the Berg 212 earlier this year and soon after bought the 112. I run the 112 on the other side of the stage: both the keys and guitar player have commented on how much tighter the band is now that they can distinctly make out the bass notes on their side. I'd recommend Bergantino to any bass player who wants to sound good. You'll kiss your SWRs and Edens goodbye the moment you first hear one.”

Posted on Dec. 25, 2001
“I'd been looking at buying a larger cab to supplement my SWR California Blonde, and my wife bought me an HT310 for Christmas this morning. Wow. Just wow. This sounds awesome, even with the totally inadequate amp I'm running into it. I am a very happy owner.”

Steve B (Chapman Stick, theremin, bass)

Posted on Dec. 31, 2001
“Jim: A little different kind of post.
As of now, I have never heard a Bergantino cab. There are no dealers in the Cleveland area (yet). Recently, I have been in contact with many nationally recognized music stores. In fact, I had one store A/B a Bergantino and an EA cab through an Iamp600 and the entire store thought the Bergantino cab sounded much better! Based on all the comments I have received on your cabinets - they must be the best thing going. I have posted threads on several bass sites and the positive comments on your speakers is astounding! Let me point out that I have been playing semi-professionally for 24 years and have never bought a single piece of gear before hearing it (until now). I have ordered an HT-310 and it's due here next week. I can't wait! I am already (prior to hearing a Bergantino cab) thinking of putting my Eden 210XLT up for sale and also getting an HT-112. I'll send another post when I get a chance to play through the cab.
Your reputation is preceding some of your customers ever hearing your speaker!”

Bob Miller